Farm24 is the only self-registering program in the world!

Farm24 will help you remember the work you did on your farm, this year and previous years. After filling in the basic information like, Fields, Places, People and Machines, Farm24 will do the rest. It shows you what actions were taken on the farm, where, how long it took, and which machines and people were doing that.


In the winter you make your plan for the coming season. Fill your fields with crops and variety's. Create a time schedule for applying chemicals and divide the work between people. You will have a work plan for total season.


Just start working as soon as the weather allows you. Use your schedule as a guideline. Everything you do is written down by our system. All the actions are known by Farm24 and always visible on your smartphone, laptop or computer. The seeds and chemicals used are stored in Farm24. All the time you can change the amounts if you think it is necessary.


At the end of the season you can analyse the work you did. You see the hours you sprayed your crops. How many acres you did, how many percent of this work was real spraying and how many percent was transport and driving idle. You see the working hours of your tractors and machines. You see the the total of chemicals used in this season and a million other "good to know" things.

How It Works

In every tractor is an Agrobox, this is a small computer that communicate with all kind of sensors. Every machine has a unique identification nummer. On the spraying machine for instant is a weighing scale and barcode reader, also a flowmeter and a level gauge. The system sees which section is open and all this information goes to the server. The website makes it visible for only the ones with the rights to do so.


Farm24 has many nice features. Later there will be even added a cropscan and a drone.



Here you can see what happened on the farm. This is done by our Agroboxes. You can add work manual or change automatically registered actions.


You only have to report what comes in and the program keeps record of what goes out. So all the chemicals and seeds that are in stock you find here.


Crops are made by the action sewing or planting. The variety can be red by barcode and changed manually. Extra information about the crop or pictures can be added.


The fields that belong to the farm are drawn by you manually, it shows the acreage when drawing. You can add the result of the soil samples and pictures.


Places can be your own yard or yards where you come often. Also places of company's where you buy or sell your products. Places that you rent for storage.


All your machines and tractors are here visible with a picture and extra information about technic and price. Also with what kind of device they are connected.


In people you'll have the administration of the people that are somehow connected to the farm, you, your family, partners or salesmen and advisors.


All the actions that took place on your farm will show up here. The total action per day, but also the value of the machines and tractors.


To know the chemicals you used and how much of it, you can find here, on which field, the person and the machines that were used are registrated.


Comparing crops, variety's and fields gives you greater knowledge. Working hours of machines and people are here. You can compare different seasons.


Your new season plan of the crops you want to grow can be made in this chapter, it shows you the crops on the field and the spraying and fertilizing plan.



Fields are laying outside, so when it rains they get wet. To know when it will rain and how much water fell, you need to be informed.


Circular agriculture

Insight into circular agricultural performance, inputs and outputs of resources, minerals etc.

Circular agriculture

Farm24's programme can be a valuable tool for the transition from traditional to circular farming.

Support new growing system

Up to now, most of the attention went to the bigger machines, but when you have crops in stripes or mosaic patern it is more inportant to have smaller and electrical machines. For sure if you want to improve soil structure and less poluting fuels(CO2) also. Farm24 makes it possible to registrate and have insight of the old as well as the new growing systems, evenso for a mixture of those systems. It makes the barrier lower to change their system.

Circular agriculture KPIs in pictures

In Farm24, at the beginning of the season, you can create your own or automatically created growing and fertilization plan. By this you can instantly see the different circular agriculture KPIs of the farm.

During the season, all activities and the score on these KPIs are kept up to date. You can immediately see how much nitrogen, phosphate and plant protection products you have used and how much CO2 has been captured and emitted. The program not only shows the input and output of the entire company, but also on a specific field, or even on a square meter.

Local exchange and trade

In a separate block, products such as straw, animal feed, manure and seed can be offered by region. This makes it possible to exchange or trade locally with colleagues, eliminating long transport distances.

A circular cooperative consisting of farmers can be used to make the transition from traditional to circular agriculture. This cooperative provides information and advices for farmers and researches new crops and growing systems. The data cooperative, like Farm24 had in mind, can be integrated into this.


What do the users think of our system?

I now have all the information about the farm at hand. Ideal for keeping an overview.

Nico van Nieuwenhuizen

Co-owner of NIVU agriculture

With Farm24 I have insight into my soil and ecological footprint. Something that is becoming increasingly important.

J.M. van Rossum

Owner of Agrodata BV and Farmer

Know when I can best spray and share this information with my advisor. A handy tool to gain more control.

Justyna Gasior

CEO Nowolesie Farm

0031 611914003
0048 664754183